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The Morning Glory roll clouds are a natural weather phenomenon that form in the early hours of the morning in the Gulf of Carpentaria in far North Queensland Australia. The clouds move through the Gulf and roll in over land around sunrise anywhere between Karumba, Burketown, Sweers Island to Mornington Island. It is seasonal event with the best time of the year being during the transition from the dry season to the wet season over the months of September and October.
Morning Glory Photographer Al Sim
How the roll clouds form is not fully understood. There is many theories but known are proven with science. This adds to the intrigue and mystery and I think motivates pilots like myself to repeatably travel the very long distance to a very remote part of outback Australia with no guarantees but when nature delivers it is unbelievably awesome.
Morning Glory

In 1989 it was discovered it was possible to soar along the face of this unique cloud in a glider. The Morning Glory Roll Cloud moves at approximately 60kmh. As the roll cloud moves through the atmosphere the air in front of the cloud is pushed up and over the top of the cloud. It is this rising air that glider pilots use to stay up and surf it just like a surfer on a enormous wave whilst traveling 100s of kilometers. The height of the cloud varies , personally I have soared cloud's 2,000ft to 5,000ft in depth over long distances including over the Queensland border into the Northern Territory.
Al Sim Photographer
Previously a passionate surfer, now passionate glider pilot and professional photographer I have had the very rare privilege to soar like a bird and capture this amazing weather phenomenon known world wide amongst glider pilots as the Morning Glory.
Mornig Glory Roll Cloud
It is estimated less than 120 glider pilots in the world have soared the Morning Glory. The interest in the Morning Glory Roll Cloud is global, each season brings more and more land dwelling visitors to Burketown in the hope of experiencing a Morning Glory roll over them around sunrise.

The following is small selection from a much larger library of photographs and video built documenting the Morning Glory roll cloud and the unique landscape it rolls over.
Al Sim
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